• Manas Mohanty

Enabling Camera and VNC viewer in Raspberry

Some of you might be wondering why I am enabling Camera and VNC viewer in my raspberry pi 4B . I need camera to take pictures from my pi cam which is equipped to Pi board and VNC viewer to upload and run the python files my friends created.

Step 1

sudo apt update (update your Raspberry pi os to latest version)


sudo raspi-config


A new blue screened console will appear in your screen.

Go to interfacing option using arrow in your keyboard and hit enter

Step -4

Select items you want to enable .In my case ,it is camera and VNC. scroll to yes using your keyboard and hit enter and it will say it is enable . use tabs to go to "Finish " and hit enter

Similary for VNC.


Now it is time to check camera and VNC

for camera enter

raspistill -o image.jpg

it will capture an image from camera.

now time to test the VNC

Download and install VNC viewer from google .

Enter your Pi's IP address and hit enter

it will ask Pi's username and password to get into your console.

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