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Fog Computing

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

When we talk about computing most obvious question arises that is what Fog is? The fog in computer science is an architecture that extends services offered by the cloud to edge devices fog is seen as a new and many believe it is here to replace the card but really it’s just an extension of cloud now before we go into the depth of things like to clarify one term edge devices. These are your routers your switches man and vine devices basically these are the entry point into your network what flop basically does is allows us to carry our storage communication and application services. At a distributed level fog allows us to do a placate the Internet of Things applications so basically it’s cloud only it’s closer to the ground if you want to put it in simpler terms fog is cloud plus Internet of Things .

Now what is cloud ? Due to this following features of cloud computing technology giants recommend fog computing.....

Cloud offers services like platforms and storage and other resources through the Internet from a remote data center cloud allows us to allows us to access to our resources anywhere and anytime it gives us benefits like saving cost on physical resources, efficiency, chance to focus on other opportunities and innovation and is flexible but if cloud is so great why do we need fog ?

In Traditional architecture our devices were directly connected to the data center our cloud now we have fog in the middle to bring the Internet-of-things to life by delivering distributed good and computing capabilities and enabling creation of an intermediate layer between the things and the cloud.

Fog basically supports Internet of Things applications and in today’s world of cutting edge technology we have integrated Internet of Things into our lives and every aspect of our lives is now monitored by this technology. Cloud storage is the backbone of Internet of Things and now we are storing deeds gigantic amount of diversified data the future of Big data is proceeding to edge computing chief philosophy behind this new technology is to build better operational connectivity between a server core and remote applications reader sitting at the farthest point which we call the edge the fog .There is low probability that an attack on data can occur .

Advantages of FOG-

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